Whether you are looking for a full service social media coordinator for your brand or just consulting or auditing, we can help make your social media presence seen and felt.

We understand that every company has a story behind it, how they got there, and why. Your story is what makes you unique from your competition. Let us tell your story. 

Brand Development

Social Media

Based in the Denver area, the company focuses on natural, sustainable, and principled brands. We support and promote the ethical businesses and business owners who are changing the world for the better and standing up against the competition to be true industry leaders.


Public Relations

we understand that every brand is unique and every company has a story to tell, let us tell yours

New Light Communication was founded on the idea that ethical businesses are paving the path for a better future for us all. In a world where business is corrupt and motivated by immoral decisions, New Light is partnering with companies who stand by their morals. The company also specializes in helping start-up brands get into the market. With New Light Communication, you’ll see things in a New Light.

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We work with your team to develop complete marketing strategies to align with your specific goals as a company. We take the time to understand your brand inside and out to ensure your marketing efforts meet and exceed your hopes. 

How do your clients see you as a brand? Is your brand recognizable and memorable? Don't be just another forgettable brand. Let us show you how we can help.